Pivot Table Dynamic Sorting in OBIEE/ Siebel Analytics

This article will guide you in implementing the dynamic sort feature in pivot table in OBIEE

We can sort columns dynamically in table view in OBIEE. However when it comes to pivot table we feel helpless in getting the same feature.

But cheer now…we can exploit the functionality of table view sorting for pivot table view.

Lets C how.

Logic: Use Table view column as a button for Pivot Table sorting.

Step By Step Guide for Pivot Table Sorting:

1. Create a Pivot Table view which is to be used for dynamic sorting. Identify the columns to be used for dynamic sorting

(For eg. Cust Name)


2. Create a new Table view


3. Go to Table view properties and make the following changes, so that we can enable dynamic sorting in table view.


4. Hide the Table view rows value by changing their front and background color to white and set border to none


5. Hide the excess columns (For eg. Brand & Billed Qty), which are not required for sorting.


6. Table View Column Heading will appear as a button.



7. Pivot table view will be affected due to the above changes in Table view.


8. Manually format the column and value and border properties


9. The final layout will be something similar to the below image, where table view column will act as a Button for sorting in pivot table


10. Sorting in action


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